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Web Design: Pay Attention to

Web design is an important process in developing any online business. The process is not just putting together a couple of images and adding a few fancy fonts. It is more involved than what some may think.


Web Design vs. Web Development

Confusion exists as to whether web design and web development have the same meaning. In fact, it is important to know the differences between these two terms, as they vary significantly. There is a distinct difference between web design and web development. A website is required to contain both design and development elements in order to not only attract visitors, but to retain them. This is why a balance between the design and development of a website can result in an effective website for any business.


Useful Guide To Mobile Web Design Strategy

It really is too late to change it all back. In these days every each of us visits websites not only on computer, but also on variety of different mobile gadgets. Devices like iPhone, Blackberry and Android mobile phones, as well as a wide range of tablets and TV electronics.


This Is Why You Need a Good Content Management System (CMS)

In the past I have had that pleasure to build some great websites. I had a chance to meet up with my customers myself and discuss every step and every detail of their new web idea.The only thing I can tell you is how surprised I was when only few of my customers asked for something like a good CMS system to be developed for them.


Starting the Web Design Process

Web Design: Do you need a website? And what to make sure of?

Is it time to take the leap into your very own web design? If you’ve chosen to answer no to this question, then perhaps go and make a cup of coffee and put your feet up. If you’ve decided the time is right now to build your website then take a some time to read on and make certain of a few things before you start.


Importance of Website Redesign

With a website redesign not only are you able to refresh your look and feel but you are also able to keep up with changes in website functionality. Advances in design and implementation means that you no longer have to have a website made of boxes. Your ideas and discussions with your specialised designers can result in a visually attractive, interactive website that is informative and an experience to use. There is almost no limit to what is possible to promote your business when you decide to redesign your website.


How To Choose The Perfect Web Designer For Your Business

Appointing a web designer needs careful consideration. Your business is unique and a web designer who will meet your particular needs should be selected. A number of businesses, whether they are sole operators, small businesses or large organisations offer web design services and due diligence should be used when making a decision as to whom to appoint.


Great Web Design for the Decade to Come

It is time to add a new term to your personal dictionary – Responsive Web Design.

I assume some of you have heard of it already before, but most of you more likely have not. Well, it all started with everyone wanting their own website and then more and more people realised that it is not enough. And that is when mobile websites was the next big must-have, at least for every company.


Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems are software packages that keep track of every piece of content on your Intranet or Website. Very similar to a library, where books are kept and information on how to access them is available.

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